2019 HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award

Work on standing up a 1 million-vCPU AWS cluster won a 2019 HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award!

Since then, Entonos has completely rewritten the workflow so that

  • Only AWS native services used (Univa’s schedulers are not needed)
  • Avoids EBS storage and network traffic
  • Self-orchestration of containers to significantly reduce traffic to/from S3
  • Automatic selection of AWS region/AZ for lowest cost computing at submission
  • Automation of highly optimized computational executable(s) creation
  • Automation of custom AMI/Container/VPC/Batch setup and tear down
  • Allow for legacy run scripts, including openMP/openACC and MPI simulations

This results in 20-30% cost reduction (equivalently ~97% of total cost is only for compute) and much more flexible workflows.

Interested? We would like to hear about your challenge.

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