Contact and version history

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Version History

— 17 September 2023, v2.2- Reduced memory useage and for non Mac App store version. Add "Check for update..." to menu and offer to download if available.

— 19 January 2023, v2.1.1- Fix possible crash when number of connected monitors changes (can happen temporarily during wake from sleep).

— 6 January 2023, v2.1- In Ventura (13+) the wrong Desktop is flashed when changing spaces (apparently a bug via Apple). Instead of relying on the ordering of windows in a window level, we now construct window levels so we don't depend on ordering within a level.

— 6 July 2022, v2.0.2- Fixed crash by performing additional checks on CoreGraphics output (thanks to anonymous crash reports!).

— 25 May 2022, v2.0.1- Workaround for occasional CoreGraphic delay on updating which Desktops are on screen. Workaround for NSScreen.screens not accurately reflecting attached screens. Update all Desktop windows when Space change (not just the new Space). Added floating black backup Desktops in case normal Desktop pictures get pinned to incorrect Space. Memory leak fixed when number of attached screens change. Added FAQ to Help.

— 12 May 2022, v2.0- Rewrite of Hider class to work around current Apple bugs.

— 28 Febuary 2022, v1.5.3- New menu option to set Desktop wallpaper- either for all or individual Desktops. Minor bug fixes. Attempted workaround for Apple bug by delaying 0.15 (0.5) sec every Space Change (Screen Wake) notification. No workaround for macOS Mojave (11.6.4) bug resulting in flashing icons during Space Change.

— 1 January 2022, v1.4.2- New menu option to set time interval to refresh Desktop to allow for changing Desktops. Refactoring of code and support for Monterey.

— 21 December 2021, v1.3- New menu option to refresh Desktop; bug fix for when a Display sleeps (can return a gray Desktop under Big Sur and later).

— 12 August 2021, v1.2- Left-click shows menu while right-click toggles icons; option to reverse click behavior; memorize user preferences.

— 13 May 2021, v1.1.1- Bug fix so we don't forget Desktop and display pairings if icons are shown.

— 4 May 2021, v1.1- Icons won't flash when entering Exposé; learns which Desktop goes with which Space; add About menu; when started by Service do not display menu.

— 30 April 2021, v1.0- Initial release.


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