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DIM’s home is located at Furthermore, email can be send to and source code is available at

Version History

— 12 May 2024, v4.3- Holding the option key (⌥) changes "Memorize Icon Positions" button into "include Any Missing Icons" button. Finer control when importing Settings. Added command line arguments support for opening via Terminal. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 19 September 2023, v4.2- Added support for checking and downloading updates. Updated the Hider routine to reduce memory consumption. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 25 July 2023, v4.1- Added import and export of Settings data. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 14 June 2023, v4.0.5- Updated Hide/Show Desktop icon routine to current version from Hide Icons. Update warning if Finder communication fails under Ventura. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 28 February 2022, v4.0.4- Countdown for aborting "Restart at Start and then Quit". Updated Hide/Show Desktop icon routine to Apple approved procedure. Conversion to Swift 5 and minor layout adjustments to avoid warnings.

— 22 April 2021, v4.0.3- Better warning for Restart at Start and then Quit. Also allow for 5 seconds before quiting in this case. Cosmetic bug fix on Add Arrangement sheet.

— 25 November 2020, v4.0.2- Include both Apple Silicon and Intel binaries.

— 19 December 2019, v4.0.1- Bug fix for pre macOS 10.13 systems (thanks to Sergio Sisani). DIM could get confused if it was saving icon positions for the Desktop or a Finder window when adding a new arrangement.

— 16 November 2019, v4.0- DIM has the following added features: Hide/Unhide Desktop icons, Memorize/Restore Finder windows in icon view and Automatically memorize Icon Arrangements at Quit or selected time intervals.

— 21 January 2019, v3.0- DIM is now a Swift 4.2 program using AppleScriptObjC bridge to tell the Finder what to do. Everything is new under the hood, but it looks the same!

— 31 December 2013, v2.1.0- DIM now allows multiple arrangements of Desktop icons.

— 18 June 2011, v2.0.2- DIM only resets the Finder’s “Arrange by:” to “none” if the screen resolution changes.

— 19 March 2011, v2.0.1- Just a recompile to work on 32bit Intel and PCC (still good all the way back to Mac OS 10.4).

— 30 October 2005, v2.0- Apple fixed AppleScript for Mac OS X and DIM was rewritten as an AppleScript Studio Application.

— 7 January 2000, v1.3.1- Fix for MacOS 9 and Finder’s “Arrange by:” option.

— 17 May 1999, v1.3- Due to requests, added option to automatically Restore and Quit at startup

— 27 November 1998, v1.2- Made the script into a Droplet (never released to public).

— 22 April 1998, v1.1- Speed of script was dramatically improved, mostly due to useful discussions with Stéphane Madrau. Functionality has not changed.

— 14 April 1998, v1.0- Original release of (slow) AppleScript.

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